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  • Personal Injury Law

    Personal Injury Law Firm – Severe Injury in Denver Metropolitan Area Severe injuries are personal injuries consisting of any blunt or piercing trauma to the body. The most common types of severe injury are the following: • Spinal Cord Injury • Brain Injury • Severe Burn Injury • Neck Injury... Read more »

  • Medical Malpractice

    Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Denver Metropolitan Area At the Brake Law Firm, medical malpractice is an area where Andrew Brake have a great deal of experience. Andrew Brake have helped people file malpractice claims. We are able to locate top-notch medical professionals, and we understand the technical nature of... Read more »

  • Employment Related

    Employment Related Law | Law Firm in Denver Metropolitan Area Employment law is any type of law related to your work, including issues related to pre- and post- employment situations. It is a wide and complicated area of law, and the employment law firm at Brake Law Firm have held... Read more »

  • Auto Accidents

    Auto and Truck Accident Law Firm in Denver Metropolitan Area • Automobile Accidents • Motorcycle Accidents • Trucking Accidents • Bus Accidents An auto or truck accident can happen in an instant, but affect you for a lifetime. Auto accidents are chaotic, destructive, and confusing, and the aftermath can be... Read more »

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